TL: Nez-Box (1st page), GoldenOwl. ED: Nohma   Chapter 28 The test period came in a blink of an eye, and finally it is time to sit for the tests. After having plenty of rest at night and eating a hearty breakfast in the morning, I am all refreshed and […]

Evil Girl Chapter 28

Chapter 18 Translated by: GoldenOwl Edited by: Nohma The reason why Mira could talk with me was very simple. That is because I was overlooked and looked quite a bit pathetic.   “If only I didn’t have this skill.”   Just because Mira had the skill Language of the Slime […]

Slime Tensei Monogatari Chapter 18

Hey guys I am back! I will start releasing chapters soon. Well my hgpt is still a bit on the high side but I can now translate for you guys. So first on my list is slime. Please take care of me.

I am healed!

  Let’s go have a test of courage!   Author Note: This story, this is a story I came up with from a comment from Komei Trap-san. I got the picture from Thunder Wind-san…..since the original story was written together with Chabane it was decided to drop the insertion of […]

Kanchigai Tensai Chapter 20

Sponsored Chapter Sponsored by Justin C   Translated by: SnowKiss Edited by: Nohma It’s the forest worm-san♪♪ My stomach is empty. Even though I brought three breads, it seems that it was not enough. I should have prepared more. My stomach was rumbling continuously. When I tried to hit it […]

Jaryuu Tensei Chaper 23

Sponsored Chapter Sponsored by Justin C Translated by: SnowKiss Edited by: Nohma Chapter 22 It’s the forest worm-san♪ I came to the Pachinko shop after a long time. The one yen Pachinko is exactly the stage for me to sit. Then I put in the gold and grasp the handle.  Now […]

Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 22

Sponsored by Adam J Special thanks to Gege S Translated by: GoldenOwl Edited by: Nohma Chapter 27 The next morning, Tanaka-kun can be seen at the entrance of the school, he nodded and seemed very happy when I asked him if he wanted to eat ice cream together.   “Ichinose-senpai, […]

Evil Girl Chapter 27

Sponsored by Adam J Translated by: SK Edited by: Nohma Chapter 26 Due to nobody realising about me having cried, classes continued as per normal. But I sighed repeatedly. “Shinozuka-san, is anything troubling you? “That sigh is due to love problems right?” “Eh” Just like how Tanaka-kun’s words cut in, the […]

Evil Girl Chapter 26

Idle Talk 3 Evil Dragon of Destiny   From the threat of encountering the demon, a question preceded it.   Why is there a slime in this place?   Slimes basically live in the forest. I never heard of any of them being in the Great Canyon.   “Au, uhm, […]

Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 21

Sponsored Chapter Sponsored by: Adam J. Thanks for your support!   Translator: Neznez, GoldenOwl, SK Editor: Nohma   25   “Are you perhaps, Shinozuka-san’s……..”   Yuuya-kun suddenly appeared, and Tanaka-kun could not hide his confusion. It is the same for me. He is breathing raggedly as if he is having […]

Evil Girl Chapter 25