Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 21 23

Idle Talk 3 Evil Dragon of Destiny


From the threat of encountering the demon, a question preceded it.


Why is there a slime in this place?


Slimes basically live in the forest. I never heard of any of them being in the Great Canyon.


“Au, uhm, awa, hello”


A world shattering event, a slime came to greet me!?

Wai, eeeeh? It has such a great smooth wording!


“Idiot why are you saying a greeting! Sulaire, Sulapachi let’s run away”


Although it is incomprehensible basing it on appearance, a female slime raised her voice. The 2 who are side by side heard that and began to move.


They who began to move by bouncing with a pyon (TLN: refers to the sound they make. Do not press this link), stopped.


“Wait! I am not an enemy!”


I said it in the moment. It seemed to work. The 3 stopped and looked back slowly.


“Ho, really, is that so? About us, you are not going to attack?”


The slime stared at me with a frightened eyes. That is why, I nonchalantly throw my cane to the side.


I am a slime lover originally.

I wonder why it was classified as a demon, slimes are harmless. Maybe, I think the reason is because it becomes strong when it turns into a big slime.



But ordinary slimes do not attack first even if it sees humans. It does not hurt that much even if it does. I am not afraid of being unarmed.


“Ne, do you understand it even a little?”


I made a smile with zero traces of it being a lie. After that the slimes exchanged glances, then it approached me by dragging it’s body on the ground.  


Clearly saying it, it was cute.


“Uhm, I am Sulapachi.”

“I I, I, I, I am Sulaire,”

“It’s Sulami. Please call me familiarly.”

“I am called Lucille. You guys, it’s amazing how fluent you guys are with words.You guys have a good head!”

“W, we we, we got praised…..I’m embarrassed.”

“Fufu, Sulaire is Mr. Shy Person. Did you guys name yourself?”

“That’s not it, my boss gave it to me!”


So it was their boss, these slimes are bundled together with such an existence. I wonder if it will become a big slime after all.


“Your boss, where did he go?”

“That is, we lost sight of him. We, without our boss, cannot get home.”

“If it’s ok, shall we look for him together?”

“Is that alright!? I am glad!” (TLN: The time to meet the dragon is near. *anticipates the face*)

“T, th, tha, thanks.”

“We are saved, Lucille! It cannot be helped, these 2 are unreliable.”


It seems, that the slimes are happy that I agreed, their bodies are overflowing with energy.


“What do we do? Ah, but well, your boss, would he attack if he sees me?”

“Boss is not like that!”

“Kind, that’s why, you would be fine ”

“Yes yes, boss has a big heart. Please be at ease.”


I was relieved the moment I heard that, though this time conversely the existence of the boss worries me.

Besides me in this canyon, there are the Rastellas and the escorts. About this time, bloodshot eyes should be looking for me. If by some small chance a battle would happen, the boss would die!


I guess the very first thing I should do is join up with Rastella and the other escorts….. Though it seems like my thoughts were found out by Sulapachi.


“What is it?”


Pyon pyon they moved forward for some time. The destination that they were aiming for is a brown glowing sphere about 10 cm in diameter. After some time, I felt pale.




Designated as Class A by the Adventurer Guild, clearly a demon.


“N, no Sulapachi”

“It is for the boss, he would be happy.”


I was so surprised that my voice became hoarse. I did not seem to have misheard Sulapachi, steadily the distance is getting shorter.


The elemental, in fact it is a harmless demon unless you carelessly approach it. So if an elemental appears, if you leave immediately, a battle with it can be avoided.

But once you enter it’s demonic territory….


“Ho, howaaaaa!?”


The stones and rocks around the elemental, the sphere moved all of a sudden and started to suck everything in. Sulapachi hurriedly left the place but, it was already too late unfortunately.


Probably, the elemental recognized us as an enemy.

It did not stop and continued absorbing the rock,

The sphere is already buried somewhere inside it’s body, it gave birth to a rock giant that is probably around 10 meters in length.



You can tell that it is strong from the solid body that can be seen through the clouds. It would not lose to an orc even if it rams it head on. My instincts are raising an alarm. I said while looking up at the elemental.


“You guys run away immediately. I will buy some time!”


Even if I said that, the truth is that I may be in a pinch. Just a while ago my magic got idiotically exhausted flashily.


Like this the difference would retain even more. 


“I cannot do such a thing! We are going to charge.”

“I I I, I too, I’ll do it, ooooOOOO”

“I too will do it with you guys!” 


EEEEee, the 3 went on ahead and performed a ramming attack….!




And then then bounced back!?


“Ouch ouch”




It did not do anything to the other party, it did not even receive damage!?….. Mou, it can’t be helped.


I stretched out my dorsal muscles and moved between the slime and the elemental, I aimed the tip of the cane towards the elemental.


Do it…. I would have to…..I absolutely have to do it.

Your mind would be disturbed when you fall into a dilemma, there are time that skillful magic cannot be invoked well


The cane earlier produced a fireball. Though it closely resembles the small magic fireball, what was selected was something stronger.

As you pour magic into the fire, it visibly grows larger.


Not yet, yet, it isn’t the right timing. Just a bit larger…..now!

I shot a huge fireball. A big hole opens up in the elemental’s chest. 

If this was a human match then that would be the end. But I still have to




The elemental is crumbling with a low roar….not. It started to move as if nothing happened and starts to replenish itself from rocks nearby.


The sphere from before is the nucleus, it’s hidden somewhere in it’s body. But, it is impossible to find and pinpoint it in that huge figure.


“Perhaps it’s all over…..”


A huge fist is raised and the earth below it darkened.

We will surely be visibly crushed to death like a fly

While the maximum weapon is being swung down, I covered the slime so that they would be protected.




The rocks fly around flashily while a roaring sound that can tear through the eardrum can be heard nearby. My body is easily crushed.


“Dangerous, it was a narrow escape.”



When I opened my eyes, something is being wrapped around us, protecting us…….Wing?




The slimes are going wild with joy and are dancing. What what? Did the boss come at last? I looked at the existence that was near me…….


“N, who are you?”


Dream? Is this a dream? Dra, gon?? Wa??? Something like a silver dragon is here!


“U, uhm, you……”

“Why is a human together with you guys?”

“Boss, Lucille isn’t a bad person!”

“It, it’s true, really. She is very kind.”

“More importantly boss, it’s a big deal somehow”

“Aa,that’s right. Move away from me for just a minute.”


The slimes too cover and looked like they were used to the situation, I accompanied them even though I am confused by their behavior. We moved away from the location, I noticed that the elemental does not have one arm.


Was it broken when the dragon guarded? If that is so then that dragon is quite strong.


“Ne, nee, perhaps is that dragon the boss?”

“That’s right. He is our boss, our hero nandesu.”

“But huh, then, isn’t he the evil dragon?”

“Be it a dragon or whatever, boss is boss.”


I feel dizzy and about to collapse.

What heck is this? Who would have predicted that the boss of the slimes is the evil dragon?


The elemental again regenerated it’s arm. In this situation, unless the nucleus is destroyed, it will continue to regenerate forever.


The evil dragon approaches with a high speed flight like a ray of light, the tail hits against the shoulder of the elemental. The elemental’s arm fell.

It got cut off and not beaten down and destroyed……? That tail can cut rock? The unbelievable sight continues


It lands on the other shoulder, then kicks the elemental’s face splendidly.

The head separated from the body due to the impact, it rolled to a far away place.


“Oh, yes I did it.”


No, not yet. It should not have ended yet.

As expected, the elemental reformed its body again.


“There is a nucleus about 10 centimeters in size somewhere inside it’s body! ”

“Such a small nucleus (TLN: check). Is there something that you can use to look for it?”

“I’m sorry…….I”

“Aa~ Well it is all good”



The elemental desperately moved in order to catch the evil dragon, I lost sight of them as they moved here and there just like a bee dance.


In this simple show of force as expected the evil dragon comes out on top. But, the degree of difficulty in finding that nucleus is too high. At this rate the fight will drag on…..


“It’s, all, right. Boss, is strong.”

“That’s right, it is impossible to lose to such an enemy.”

“Go~, I have made up my mind!” 

“Sure thing”


A casual reply came out from the evil dragon, he immediately rose up vertically in the air in order to end it.


The elemental and I had no choice but to blankly stare at the sky.


But in the next moment, a single light fell from the sky.

The light can be expressed as extremely bright, the body of the elemental was easily swallowed.


At the same time, a hot wind that burns the skin surges this way.

If you look closely, I found out that that light was actually a strongly colored flame.


I stared at the shining flame for 10 seconds, no maybe it was shorter.

In that short time, the elemental disappeared without a trace from this world.


“Shining breath, it is so cool desu~!”


I understood that Sulapachi was at his highest tension. My heart is beating fast as well.


I was hit by a maelstrom of emotions for experiencing a once in a lifetime event, I must contain it.


Rustle, from the heavens the sound of a wing cutting the wind can be heard. (TLN: Check)


The appearance of a divine figure, it is enough to make it seem like a God has descended down on to the ground.


“I had a little trouble. But you guys keep on getting lost.”

“Excuse me, boss…..”

“It is ok though. Do not look so disappointed. Let’s go back.”



The slimes got on the back of the evil dragon and they gently floated up in the air. Before they went away I said something to them.


“It, it was wonderful! I am glad to be alive!”


It is what I really thought and not only witty words.

It was pretty embarrassing.

But the evil dragon made light of it, it turned its neck a little. 


“We will never meet again, but thank you for protecting the slimes…….thank you very much.”


AAAa~ the evil dragon is now far away.




I waved my hand at the slime the best I can, the evil dragon’s gaze is followed me. (TLN: Check)


When I was finally alone, I did not move from my spot for a long time.

The evil dragon is weak? Such weakness cannot be seen anywhere.

The weakest evil dragon? I would like to show the idiotic people the scene a while ago.


Anyone practicing the sword, especially humans would have killed a slime.


The evil dragon protected the slimes from an elemental.

It is that fellow’s companion, that much is obvious.


Really, we really do not know anything. I really felt that way.


That overwhelming presence when I thanked him, something in me changed.


Maybe, my heart got captivated.


But, we will never meet again…..you do not know that!


I went back and recovered what I threw away, please wait.


“Silver Dragon Sylpheas…..sama”


…..since that day, I was captivated by him, needless to say.

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