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Chapter 22

It’s the forest worm-san♪

I came to the Pachinko shop after a long time.

The one yen Pachinko is exactly the stage for me to sit.

Then I put in the gold and grasp the handle.  Now then, I brought three times the previous amount and placed in my spirit but…… It seems strange.


How should I say it, the handle is strangely soft. In addition, my hand does not fit the handle.

Furthermore, sometimes a sexy sound leaks out. As I thought about it, I noticed that If it is like that, the ball would not be launched.


Ah, this is a dream.

A non profit Pachinko machine is stupid so I have to hurry up and open my eyes.

Irene was red faced, with distorted breathing, and lying in front of my eyes

It seems that I, went to sleep together with Irene. The hand that is massaging continued moving out of inertia. Everytime my finger moves, Irene starts wriggling.



I, seemed to have fallen into the pattern of unlimited fondling of Irene’s big chest.

The victim Irene is bashful and yet,

“Please don’t apologise. Because you have not done anything wrong. Rather, I was very happy to have Master touch me”


It seems that my underground volcano is about to erupt. A young man’s morning is really bad. The body, especially the lower half is already in battle position.

I wanted to ask ‘Oi, what are you trying hard for in the morning’.


And, after my dragon transformation, my sexual desires became worse.

Also, I failed in the past before. Maa, from that experience, I did something that was against morals but, that does not mean that the burning body would be obedient.


Rather, it is rampaging. Like a hate movement.

Until now I have been self processing and meditating but it has broken through. But, if it is in this situation, I might explode at once.

Escape from the bed.


“It is about time, we should stay in a room with two beds”

“But we don’t have money either, for a while”

“If I have no money, I just have to earn it. You don’t have to worry about that”



Irene inflated her cheeks. As if like a child. Even if I say like a child, she is a child though.

The two of us got changed. By the way, I always turn to my back when Irene changes her clothes.

When I went to the first floor, Merurida was frantic and fluttering.


“The land lady looks like she is in labour pains~, and the owner has to attend to her so it’s just me today”


“What is that other people’s business reaction”

It is other people’s business though.


“Ah, that reminds me. Lend me Irene for a day”

“Don’t say it as if she is a thing”

“Isn’t it fine, lend mee~ please”

“What Irene wants, it depends on her”

“Um, today’s plans are……”

“N, none especially”

“I will pay for your part time work so, how about it Irene?”

“If it is like that, I want to give it a try”

“So, I will depend on you for today, Irene”

“It helps, thanks”


That is how Irene was rented in return for money.

Irene is highly adaptable so she would master it without a flaw.

Irene should start getting some pocket money, maybe. For her earnings today, she can completely use it up too. It would be troublesome if I went too strict with her and she becomes a delinquent.


So, what should I do. I still have tens of thousands of money. I do not feel like accompanying the goblins by myself either.

If I still had the net, I would be able to kill a day, but I could not do that either.


I am alone today……That means that I can go to persuade the receptionist Sierra?

Ok, that’s decided.


I went to the flower shop to get appropriate flowers of their recommendation. The expenses of about three thousand rize is not painful this time.


There were some True Light knights by the receptionist. Even though it is still morning, a row was already formed. Sierra’s counter has an especially long queue.

The ones queuing are all guys apparently. It would be better to think of everyone as a rival.


“Ou, Sierra”

“Ara. Did you buy it today as well?”

“That’s not it. This, is for you”

“Even if I received the flower bouquet, it is an obstacle though”

“Uga, I, I see…… But decorating is better”

“I don’t really like flowers too much. Because it quickly scatters doesn’t it? It seems to imply a woman’s life, right?”


It seems like it backfired instead. In the first place, for a woman to work in a place such as the adventurer’s guild, it seems that my sense in giving flowers was probably too stiff.

A spiked bat might have been better.


“And so, do you have other business here?”

“Maa, that’s it, small talk”

“Even though I’m like this, I am actually quite busy”


“Kusu, alright. I’ll keep you company for one minute. What should we talk about?” (Kusu is a small chuckle)

“O, Ok, soo, do you have a lover?”


“Your type of men?”


“Then, what did you eat today?”


Isn’t it all secrets! And then she proceeded to chuckle with her little devil face. Isn’t she totally playing with me here.


“I understand. If so, let me ask one more question”


“Say–Why do you work as a receptionist?”

The intention was obviously transmitted. Sierra’s eye colour obviously changed. It can be said that the easy going mode seems to have been cancelled.


“What do you mean by that”

“No matter how much you try to hide, there are things that can be told from just the aura itself”

“……I see. Do you want to know no matter what?”


“Then head to the Kimari Forest, and catch ten Kabuto beetles”

“What is it for”

“Obviously, I don’t want to talk. To force a women to speak of her past, you must be prepared to put in an equivalent effort”

“That is not it, why Kabuto beetles”

“I am volunteering at an orphanage. Won’t the children be happy?”

“So that’s it. I understand, ten pieces”

“I’ll say this first, that is a pretty dangerous forest”

“Is it, I’ll be going”


Since what I need to do is confirmed, I need to move.

Does a stag beetle die when it is placed in a black bag? Just in case, I bought a box that can become like an insect box. Should I buy insect bait? I don’t need it. I will just catch them with my hands. I used to do that a lot as a kid.

I immediately headed out for the forest.



North from the plains where we hunted the  goblins, there is the forest. When I took a step in, the scenery became darker.

It is because the tall trees that block off the sunlight. Although it is a dim and creepy atmosphere, the temperature is cool so it is good.

The temperature in this region is too hot.


I will immediately search for all the broad leafed trees.

Usually they are clustered near a sap.

Ooh, It’s there……N? Isn’t it too big?

The body part exceeds fifteen centimeters, and the back part is yellow.

Oioi, isn’t this the giant heracles beetle!?


If I wanted to buy it in Japan, this king of the kabuto beetle world would cost more than hundreds of thousands. The king, why is it here. I caught it normally.

Is he a common bug here?

But let’s catch it once more, if it can sell, then I can sell it.


I ran around the forest. After a few hours, I succeeded in catching thirteen heracles beetles.


This forest, is a treasure trove. I wonder why there is nobody here besides myself.

I understood the reason immediately.

The nearby soil boggles and rises up. And the next moment, a monster that looks like a caterpillar grew out from the ground.


A worm?

The body is tea coloured, no eyes or notes, the face is mostly a round mouth.

On the inner circumference of the mouth was tooth like fangs which gathered without gaps, it looks as if it is ready to eat its prey.


A part of the body is planted into the ground, and the height is about 3 meters from the ground because the body is raised. Even if weapons were swung normally, it is impossible to reach its top.

It attacked me when I haven’t drawn my sword.


Like how birds peck on feed, it aimed for my head from above.

I avoided it by sidestepping. But, a little fang caught onto the shoulder part of my clothes.

The worm ate the cloth attached to its mouth. Then I did something like Gepp

“A fellow with bad tastes”

As if it could understand the meaning of words, the worm got angry and spat out liquids from its mouth. When I dodged and it caught on to the tree behind, the tree bark melted instantly. It seems to be something like sulphuric acid.


A direct hit is dangerous……But it is fortunate that this is a forest, there are a lot of places to hide.

I ran around the worm while treating the trees as shields.

The worm spat out acid many times. Every time it was blocked by trees and never reached me.

It seems that it is out of liquid, and could not spit out anymore. I approached slowly. As it started coming at me from above again, I slided to the enemy’s bosom in one go.



My horizontal slash will paid it a visit. Green blood flows out. Because the waist was too thick, I could not totally cut it into halves. Once again, I pushed in the blade to totally bisect it,

When it feel unto the ground, the worm was writhing in suffering, but it eventually became obedient.

I learnt the enemy’s tactics, so it would not be a problem no matter how many of these pop up.

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