Sponsored by Adam J Special thanks to Gege S Translated by: GoldenOwl Edited by: Nohma Chapter 27 The next morning, Tanaka-kun can be seen at the entrance of the school, he nodded and seemed very happy when I asked him if he wanted to eat ice cream together.   “Ichinose-senpai, […]

Evil Girl Chapter 27

Sponsored by Adam J Translated by: SK Edited by: Nohma Chapter 26 Due to nobody realising about me having cried, classes continued as per normal. But I sighed repeatedly. “Shinozuka-san, is anything troubling you? “That sigh is due to love problems right?” “Eh” Just like how Tanaka-kun’s words cut in, the […]

Evil Girl Chapter 26

Idle Talk 3 Evil Dragon of Destiny   From the threat of encountering the demon, a question preceded it.   Why is there a slime in this place?   Slimes basically live in the forest. I never heard of any of them being in the Great Canyon.   “Au, uhm, […]

Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 21

Sponsored Chapter Sponsored by: Adam J. Thanks for your support!   Translator: Neznez, GoldenOwl, SK Editor: Nohma   25   “Are you perhaps, Shinozuka-san’s……..”   Yuuya-kun suddenly appeared, and Tanaka-kun could not hide his confusion. It is the same for me. He is breathing raggedly as if he is having […]

Evil Girl Chapter 25

Hello guys GoldenOwl here 🙂 Just wanna say sorry that I got delayed in posting this. I know I owe 2 more chapters >.> I got sick for 4 days and I only got well yesterday so yeah orz I am sorry to the donor Adam J. for the delay. […]

Evil Girl Chapter 24

Chapter 17 Communication   After arriving in the cave, the butcher checked and confirmed that there were no problems with the girl. I gave a sigh of relief when it mentioned that she would naturally wake up as time passes. And again, when the butcher laughed due to his amusement, […]

Slime Tensei Monogatari chapter 17

Guys I have my prelim exams this week so there will be no chapter releases this week coming from me. I do not know if SK would release one, it all depends on her. So to Adam J. who donated, thanks by the way, your 3 chapters would be next […]

Prelim exams this week (GoldenOwl)

23 “Please go out with me!” “Umm… I’m sorry, I can’t.”   I wonder how many times I had done this exchange.   The week after the sports festival. While I was attending class as usual, during break time I was called out to by a boy I didn’t know. […]

Evil Girl Chapter 23

Chapter 20: Idle Talk 2 Using Magic ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Gokigenyoohohoho minna-san, its SK again (っ= v =)っ Waiii~ Banzaii~ Jaryuu double release, courtesy of Brandon P. for his donations.. Since I had homework and stuff to do, I couldn’t start on this chapter till Monday and so this ended up being translated […]

Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 20

Chapter 19: Idle Talk 1 The Evil Dragon is a Dragon God? ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Helloo everyone (=v=) SK here, this is the real chapter 19 that the owl got the wrong raws for and caused Emergency Room Senpai to translate the wrong chapter too~ So this chapter was translated, almost fully, almost… […]

Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 19 for reals~ =v= ;