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“Are you perhaps, Shinozuka-san’s……..”


Yuuya-kun suddenly appeared, and Tanaka-kun could not hide his confusion. It is the same for me. He is breathing raggedly as if he is having difficulty in breathing. It is as if he just ran intensely. Is something going to happen? He caught and abruptly pulled away Tanaka-kun’s wrist roughly and then Yuuya-kun wedged himself between me and Tanaka-kun while hiding me behind.


“You, what did you do to her?”


Eh? What do you mean?

Yuuya-kun was looking back at me confused, my eyes opened wide due to my surprise.



“After all, you made her cry……you, you won’t get away with this!”



My tears stopped but the crying marks remained, the reasons why I was crying was revealed to  Yuuya-kun, but, why does your voice sound like it is coming from the earth. Anger can be felt from behind. That anger is directed towards Tanaka-kun for some reason. Eh, why?



“ YOU! What did you say to her?!“

“EH!? N, I have not done anything yet!”

“『yet 』in that case……what were you trying to say?! Depending on the what you say……”

“Eh,eh? I can’t tell you that……”

“So you are not going to tell me what you were going to tell her huh, bastard! Clench your teeth!”


 I was pressured so much by Yuuya-kun’s feelings that I could only watch them without being able to say anything. Although he tried to grab Tanaka-kun’s collar, I hurriedly stopped him.



“ He…hey! What are you doing, Yuuya-kun !?”

“Haa !? He is the one who made you cry, so why are you stopping this!”





Maybe, he misunderstood it and thought that Tanaka-kun was the reason I was crying. That’s why he is angry for me. For my sake.

A warm feeling rises up from my chest. This just shows how important I was to Yuuya-kun. I will be angry too if Yuuya-kun is crying because of someone else. I will never forgive that person. I mean, that’s not it!


“That’s wrong! Tanaka-kun didn’t do anything wrong! I was crying and he was comforting me!”


“I, I’ll never hurt Shinozuka-san. Swear……I swear”


 Trying to save Tanaka-kun who is suffering while having his collar grabbed, I cling to Yuya-kun’s arm.




At that moment, the light of the car approached from the behind of Tanaka-kun. It’s mom’s car.


“What are you doing in front of the house? It will be an annoyance to the neighbors so, get inside the house”


Things were calmed down by my mom whom found it strange and looked out of the car window, so we decided together to go into the house.



“Are you ok Tanaka -kun?”

“Yes, I’m fine”

“Ara, are you Tanaka-kun from the rumors?”

“Surely you are Shinozuka’s……”

“Eh, rumors?”


When I called Tanaka-kun’s name, mom laughed happily.


“I always hear about you from my daughter, I wanted to meet you once and see what kind of person you are.”

“Wai, Shinozuka-san said!?”

“Eh? About how Tanaka-kun always helps me, and he is a kind and cool person.”



When talking about school, the talks about Tanaka-kun always comes out. I wonder what kind of person mom is. Because of that, Tanaka-kun is slightly embarrassed.


“Are you Tanaka-kun?”


For us who is sitting down on the sofa, Yuuya-kun has been glaring at us with sharp eyes. Why are you in such a bad mood ever since a while ago? The misunderstanding should have been solved.


“You tried to tell me something a while ago?”



By the way before Yuuya-kun appeared, Tanaka-kun seemed like he was trying to say something. He also had a very serious look.


“Ah, no……that”


His eyes move around frantically when I look at him, his behaviour is suspicious. Is it something hard to say? But what was he trying to tell me?


“Aika can you help me for a moment?”




I got up from the sofa and helped out my mom. Today’s dinner is Chinese themed, making gyoza was a challenge(TLN: gyoza).

In the beginning, it could not be wrapped because there were too much ingredients, it was a bad struggle trying to get the shape right but it became distorted. However, I was able to grasp the trick after making it numerous times, and it gradually becomes a gyoza shape. Fufufu, making gyoza is fun.


“…….There is something I want to ask”

“What’s that?”

“That fellow, is she doing well at school?”

“Shinozuka-san? I think that she is open to everyone in class, it seems like she is having fun with her friends. Ah, however……”


While I was completely absorbed in making dumplings, Tanaka-kun and Yuuya-kun are talking seriously. Have they made up? If so I’m glad.

The baked gyoza are arranged at the table, today it has became such that I am going to eat a meal together with Tanaka-kun, it would become a more lively meal than usual.



“Does Tanaka-san have a girlfriend?



Tanaka-kun spurt out magnificently (TLN: this) when my mom casually asked the question. He wipes his mouth in panic and feign ignorance.


“Eh! I do not have a girlfriend”

“Oh my is that so. Tanaka-san is so polite, I think that you are gentle. Do you have someone you like?”



My mom’s eyes lit up while forcefully asking. She seems to like love talks, similar to Kana-chan.

However, so Tanaka-kun doesn’t have a girlfriend. Somehow it was strange that I felt relieved somewhere. Tanaka-kun is kind, it wouldn’t be weird if he had one after all.

To the side of Tanaka-kun who was barraged with questions from mom, was a sullen looking and frowning Yuuya-kun, whom seems to be thinking about something.


After having dinner, my mother sent Tanaka-kun to his house by car, while I was washing the dishes. After I finished washing all the dishes, I noticed a presence behind me while I was tidying up.




“Oouu, that surprised me. Is something wrong?”


Just now, he was relaxing on the sofa watching TV, but I was surprised because he suddenly appeared.


“I wanted to ask if any bullying happened”


It was quite an abrupt talk. I tilt my head and look up (TLN: this), Yuuya-kun’s wrinkle between his eyebrows got even deeper.



“Was it someone with a grudge from before you had your memory loss, did that person come back to harass you?”


I do not harass at the moment, but when it comes to grudges, does that refer to the 4 people? How did Yuuya-kun know?


“There is no bullying. Everyone is very nice.”

“Then what is that woman making a lot of noise at the sports festival?”

“Is it Nishijima-san? I expect us to go and eat ice cream next.”


Come to think of it, Yuuya-kun’s changed the way he called me from『YOU!』(TLN: TEME) to『you』(TLN: Omae). This is proof that the intimacy level has gone up. Ufufu, I want you to call me sister someday.


“Is that so.”


He places his hands in his pocket,  he leaned on the refrigerator and sighed once.

Are you worried  whether I was bullied? Quicker than I was thinking, my body moved.



“Uwah, what is it?”


I hugged Yuuya-kun who was leaning on the refrigerator, I say thank you with a full smile.


“Thank you for your concern!”

“I , I am not. Because if you cause a problem, I do not want to be troubled by it. Anyways, get off”



He tried to push my forehead to separate from me but, I grabbed hold onto his clothes.

But I get it. I said it before. I guess it caused a lot of inconvenience, surely.

I got dejectedly separated my body, and grandly exhaled,



“…….It’s ok to just talk to me if anything happens. You get injured as soon as I take my eyes off you, it would be easier if you told me about it earlier than later”

“…… Yuuya-kun”


Isn’t this a misunderstanding? He says that he can  be relied on. Tell me if there is something before you get hurt. My younger brother is so masculine, clumsy but gentle, I love such a Yuuya-kun.


“Thank you Yuuya-kun. I love you”



Though I only said thank you, he made a terribly disgusted face. Is loving him not good? I cry.


My mother who sent Tanaka-kun has returned home, she was in a very good mood.


“Tanaka such a good child. It is good that that child is sitting right next to Aika. I told him to come again so, shall we try learning cooking until that time?”


So he will come again. Also, I did not even ask my mother to teach me cooking. I gave two replies, and asked what sort of dish would she teach me.


“Tanaka likes Japanese food. Let’s start from miso soup (TLN: this). Seize hold of the man’s stomach.”


It is enough that Tanaka-kun likes Japanese food, why do I need to grab his stomach? In any case, if I can learn the basics of miso soup, I would like to try various ingredients with it afterwards. I’m looking forward to it.



Today I wanted to water the flower bed, I left the house a little earlier. I borrowed the key in the staff room as usual, I took out the hose in the equipment room and immediately started watering.


Are there any club activities in morning practice, because sometimes I hear a shout. The flowers are shining with the sparkle of the water. When I think about it, I am able to feel happiness.


Because, even if I stood up for so long, I won’t collapse, there is no throbbing either. Although I practiced for the sports festival, I ran a lot and even got hurt, the next day I was fine as if nothing had happened. Un, being healthy is wonderful. No matter how motivating dreams can be, nothing can be done unless you are healthy. Example, even if there is someone who is hostile towards Aika-chan, I think I can persevere. Because I am,



“Ara, you are watering the plants. Isn’t that great.”

“Ah, Anryu-senpai”


Since the first time we met, I have not seen Anryu-senpai after a long time. Illuminated by the morning sun, she looks as divine as Himiko-sama. Not that I have never seen her.

(SK: Himiko-sama was the shaman queen of Japan during the Three Kingdoms period)



“Good morning. You are here early.”

“Good morning. Since from tomorrow onwards it will be test week, I am thinking about starting my studies at the library. Aika, are you a member of the environmental committee?”

“Yes, that’s right.”


Isn’t that great, I smiled because I was praised, somehow it’s ticklish. It is embarrassing when a beautiful woman smiles.



“…… That reminds me, recently I hear a lot of voices that talked badly about Aika, are you alright? Have they done anything to you?”


“Before Aika lost her memory, she was easily misunderstood so I was worried. If there is something, please tell it to me immediately. Because I want to be of assistance.”


As far as I heard from Anryu-senpai, I am a bit scared that bad rumors are floating around. But it’s okay. I am not alone.


“Thank you very much. I have friends and people whom are there for me, I am blessed.”



I responded with a smile.

However, that smile collapsed with a few words by Anryu-senpai.


“That’s right. Aika-chan should be careful because you have friends. It would be dreadful if they get involved and get injured.”


My heart, with ill feelings, is beating faster and faster. If, to protect me, Mayu-chan et al were harassed. If someone is pushed down, I wanna take the place of Tanaka-kun and others and get be the one injured instead.


I do not want that. If Mayu-chan et al cries, if Tanaka-kun et al gets injured, I do not want them to protect me. Of course I am happy, but I do not want them to get hurt. I absolutely absolutely hate that.


“What’s wrong Aika? Your complexion does not look good?”

“Ah, uhm. I was thinking that I don’t want people getting hurt protecting me…….”


My hands are wrapped around gently, those hands belong to Anryu-senpai



“Sorry, I seem to have scared you a bit. I certainly do not want my friends to get hurt by my own reasons. But that is,  I wonder if your friends feel the same way.”

“The same?”

“They do not want Aika-chan to get hurt if you think about it, so your friends will try and protect you. Because they like you, right?”



I would love to protect. They feel the same as me. I see …..in that case I would be happy.

The sad feeling becomes warmer, I looked at the face of Anryu-senpai and smiled. Anryu-senpai smiled back as well.



“I think dangerous eyes does not fit Aika, so you should think about being bit more careful.You do not have to hold it in on your own. If you are uneasy, properly say it.”

“Senpai….. Yes, thank you very much!”



I was encouraged by the words of Anryu-senpai. Yuuya-kun also said that. To tell him if something happened. Before the damage gets any bigger, it is better if nobody gets hurt.

Ah, but how? Perhaps it was better to learn the art of self defense. Un, if that’s the case then I should join Mikoshiba-kun’s judo club activities. I can train my body


“Also, this is my opinion, so don’t think too deeply about it….”


While I was worried about club activities, Anryu-senpai’s face looked a little troubled.



“I think that it would be better for you to be wary of Mamiya Sakurako-san.”



I was surprised because Mamiya-senpai’s name came out. I don’t seem to have misheard it. After all, I was told to be careful of Mamiya-senpai, I did not expect her to say such a thing. She is gentle, cool and beautiful, and everyone is attracted to her.



“It seems, you have already met her. Having lost your memory is a good thing, but I wonder if she intends on making Aika suffer again”

“Wha, what do you mean?”


Suffer again, just what happened before?



“Well … it is just my point of view, so it is does not mean that I am correct.”

“Even so it is fine. Please tell me.”


I want any information for now. Perhaps Mamiya-senpai has tormented Aika-chan, I cannot believe it.



“Did you know that Aika was dating Ichinose?”



“The one whom did not think well of it was, Mamiya-san”

“Eh, there is no such thing! But the one that Ichinose-senpai likes is Mamiya-senpai?”


That’s right. It is not Aika-chan who he was going out with, it was Mamiya-senpai whom he loved. Even though Aika-chan went through that suffering, but for Mamiya-senpai to cause others to experience unpleasant feelings……



“Is it true? As I said before, when I saw them, they were always together as if in mutual love, and they were on good terms. “

“Bu, but Ichinose-senpai confessed in front of everyone. He said I like Mamiya-senpai”

“I think that is to help Aika”


To help Aika-chan, he said that he likes Mamiya-senpai? I do not understand what it means. I don’t understand anymore!


“At that time, Aika and the other schoolgirls developed a ridge in their relationship. The reason is omitted for now. To the extent that it would not be stranger for Aika-chan to be injured, it was tense. To make the surrounding move their attention away from Aika, Ichinose-san said that he liked Mamiya-senpai. As evidence, harassment against Aika has gone away since then.”



I grew pale. The story of Anryu-senpai, I do not think everything she said is true. But, if it is true then it would only be logical.

Why is Ichinose-senpai dating AIka-chan? But, if it is true about Mamiya-senpai…..


“Mamiya-san surely likes Ichinose-senpai. At times, I come across her staring at him afterall”


I will do my best with my weak cooking skills, for Ichinose-senpai. When Ichinose-senpai is talking, he looks like he is having fun, surely he must like it. Then, when she learns about the relationship between Aika-chan and others, I wonder what she thought about it. Although he declared publicly that he liked Mamiya-senpai, he began diligently dating Aika-chan. That’s very…..I think it’s harsh.


An image came to mind, Mamiya-senpai who was laughing and loved Aika-chan. But, is that really true?



“I’m sorry that I confused you. But I, do not want to see Aika cry so much.”

“Crying, I was?”

“It is painful. Yes you were crying as you said that. Won’t you tell me what is painful, I regret that I could have done nothing. Perhaps, you would not have been so troubled if you lost your memories……is what I thought.”



I distorted my face with frustration, and grasped the hand touching me. Tears were shining dimly at the edges of my eyes. I do not know how to respond, I could only grasp back Anryu-senpai’s hand.



“Senpai, thank you very much for telling me.”

“It’s fine. I cannot help Aika-chan when she was suffering. This time, you can depend on me. Please consult me about anything.”



That said, Anryu-senpai head towards the entrance. She seems to be crying while smiling.

I finished watering the plants in a hurry, I took the hose and entered the equipment room.  I closed the door and sat down on the spot, remembering what Anryu-senpai said a while ago.



『You can always depend on me』



This time.

Aika-chan will not receive it anymore next time, Anryu-senpai. Afterall Aika-chan is already…..

Until the school bell sounds, I cried quietly inside the equipment room where no one passes.


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