Evil Girl Chapter 26 3

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Chapter 26

Due to nobody realising about me having cried, classes continued as per normal. But I sighed repeatedly.

“Shinozuka-san, is anything troubling you?

“That sigh is due to love problems right?”


Just like how Tanaka-kun’s words cut in, the one sitting on the seat in frontーYamamoto-kun, started talking.

“The sigh while you think of somebody. The chest hurts indeed, Un Un, I understand. I am the same afterall” (TLN: Not a typo)

Nodding as if to sympathize, Yamamoto-san’s love banter began. It’s different, is what I wanted to say but I can’t, so I could only shut up and listen to Yamamoto-san’s love banter while giving up on escaping.

“……And then, we could not meet often because we were in different schools, and it’s not like I could wait and ambush him at the school gates right? So I was extremely happy that I met him by the station by chanceー”

“Haa…… It is painful indeed. If only we were in the same school then it would all be fine”

“Agreed. If we were in the same school, I would absolutely call out to him. But, if I saw him getting along with another girl, I would be jealous. Shinozuka-san too, became jealous after seeing Ichinose-senpai getting along well with another girl right?”

Jealousy is that right? At the hospital garden, the feeling of being envious of the boy running around. How nice, it makes me want to hurry up and get better.

As Yamamoto-san said, I imagined Ichinose-senpai getting along with other girls.


Un, I’m envious, I want to talk alot more with Ichinose-senpai too.

“So you do. I envy you”

“I know right. Don’t you get extremely pissed off at that girl?”

“Pissed off….. ?”

“Yea, I also want to get along with him but that girl is cunning. Don’t you get pissed off at Mamiya-senpai? That is……. For Ichinose-senpai.”

It was too awkward to say after that but, I know that Ichinose-senpai likes Mamiya-senpai, so I am not really pissed off at Mamiya-senpai. I cried in pain when I first found out but, Mamiya-senpai is my Idol afterall.

“That doesn’t happen”

“Eeh, no!? When Ichinose-senpai flirts with Mamiya-senpai, don’t you normally feel irritated or frustrated?”

Yamamoto-san looks at me strangely, and I tilt my head.

Speaking of which, in many love manga and novels, the heroines often gets angry at the person she likes. I wonder if I have thought of Ichinose-senpai that way.

“Isn’t that strange?”


“Because, you will only feel angry, frustrated or jealous if you like him. A helpless emotion that wells up from within, which may hurt your partner. Any?”


As I shake my head to deny it, I received a difficult face with the eyebrows knitted together.

“U-n, it’s that. When the memory is lost, only feelings of love is left probably.”

To the words that Yamamoto-san casually said, my eyes opened in surprise.

I am alive as Aika-chan, so it is not as if I actually have memory loss. So perhaps…… About me liking Ichinose-senpai……

“Love talks are prohibited for now!”

Suddenly the one whom appeared after hitting the table is, the child whom asked to study for the test together.

“The important thing is the test next week. And so, after school tomorrow we will hold the study meet at the library. I have already reserved a table.”

The study meeting at last!

“What, isn’t it fine to just talk.  My chest hurts so much to the extent that I can’t handle studying”

“Love is not an excuse. A student’s foundation is studying, so study properly then talk about love”

“Uwaa, Naiwaー” (SK: Kumo-chan desu desu)

Although Yamamoto-san looked as if exasperated, I woke up as if water was thrown at me.

That’s right, a student’s foundation is studying. For the sake of the mid term tests, I have to focus on studying for now. I can worry about the other things after the test.

During the test period, students are prohibited from entering the staff room. The teachers are making questions afterall. Therefore when there is a question to ask the teacher, there is no other way but to call for him from the entrance.

“I don’t really understand this area……”

“Aah, for this part”

School is a good place. There is a teacher whom will teach me any trivial thing afterall. Even after looking it up on the textbooks or net, if I still don’t understand, the teacher would teach me in an easy to understand manner.

“I see. Thank you very much Sensei. I understand now”

“The recent Shinozuka-san has been trying her best. Your attitude towards the lessons is good too, so please continue doing your best at this rate”


Ooh…… I’m being cheered after. For the sake of meeting expectations, I have to do my best for the tests. Fighto!

“Shinozuka, what are you doing”

Sudo-sensei came out from the staff room. His usual stubble is gone, and he looks younger than usual. This way, he looks cool.

“I have a question that I need to ask you. Sensei, thank you for teaching me despite being busy. Please excuse me”

The teachers are also supposedly busy. I shouldn’t take too much of his time.

I bowed on the spot and returned to the classroom.

“I was worried when I heard she lost her memories, but Shinozuka looks like she is doing her best. She seriously listens to lessons, and actively participates in school events. And most importantly, problems have stopped arising from her surroundings. Sudo-sensei also seemed to be at ease, did he not?”

“……I can’t let my guard down. Even though she lost her memories, the inside is still Shinozuka afterall”

“Maa, various things happened with Shinozuka and Fuji-sensei since last year so it can’t be helped but, to have such a student that enjoys studying, that’s a blessing for us teachers.”

“……That’s right”

After I returned home and ate my meal, I finished bathing, and then is time to study.

Starting with my favourite subject, and once my condition becomes good, I will move to the subject that I am not good at, and finally back to my favourite subject. Finishing with a good mood will keep me motivated.

“Uun, I want a reference book”

Aika-chan’s room only has textbooks but not reference books so perhaps Aika-chan was smart. There are totally no books on studying, and almost everything is about fashion. Even without studying, her results might be good.

Incredible, Aika-chan is. I have to keep doing better.

After putting my fighting spirit into studying, it seems that I feel asleep unknowingly. Looking at the clock, it is already past one in the night.

“Nn…… I should sleep for today”

After stretching, I rubbed my eyes while going down the stairs towards the toilet. I felt drowsy and by the time I returned to the second floor, my consciousness was dim.

I opened the door and moved to the place where the bed was supposed to be, but there was no bed.


Looking around the dark room, I found the bed and headed there with a gait.

Eh, speaking of which, was the room lights turned off? I don’t remember but, whatever.

When I dived into the futon, it felt strangely warm and narrow. However, the warmth was comfortable so I went to sleep soon after. Occasionally, it becomes painful when being pushed by something but when I clung on to something on the bed so I would not fall off, I was wrapped in warmth.

I wonder why, I feel very relieved.

That night, I slept on the stomach of a very big cat as a pillow, I saw a good dream.


In the morning it was not the sound of the alarm clock but, it was Yuuya-kun’s shout that happened.

“W-w-why, Why are you here!?”


The me who just woke up could not work my head, and could not grasp the situation. Why is Yuuya-kun in my room? And especially on the same bed.

I rubbed my eyes and tilted my head then took my distance, and Yuuya-kun whose back was stuck to the wall with his face red. I wonder what happened?

My head got better and I started to look around the surroundings, and I realised I wasn’t my room since there were no cute furniture nor stuff animals. It was a simple and calming room.

“Here, where is it?”

As I asked Yuuya-kun with my head tilted, his panicked face turned into an angry face.

“MY ROOM! Are you half asleep? Get out!”


I have been kicked out.

The me who was kicked out into the hallway went back to my room.

Yesterday, while half asleep, I entered Yuuya-kun’s room by accident. What a mistake, I must apologise later.

But I felt like I slept well. It was my first time sleeping with anybody, but I never thought I would feel so at peace. I want to sleep together again. I think it was because it was so sudden that he was surprised, so I will properly ask for permission next time. We are brother and sister afterall, it is not weird to be sleeping together. (Ed note: Yeah sure…)

“It was somewhat noisy but, did something happen?”

When I entered the living room to help with breakfast, i was met with my curious mom.

“Yesterday I made a mistake, and Yu-……”

“Ahー, Anythiiing. Mom, I am hungry”

Yuuya-kun looked like he panically interrupted my words, and got between mom and me. While tilting her head, mom started preparing breakfast, while Yuuya-kun gave a sigh of relief.

“Stop messing around, you. Don’t talk about what happened this morning to mom”

I was stared at in such an amazing face, so I had no choice but to nod. Why the secret? Was what I thought but I could not ask Yuuya-kun who was in a bad mood, so I stood in the kitchen to help out.

Perhaps Yuuya-kun hated it. Yuuya-kun is big, so it probably felt narrow.

I thought that we could sleep together if I asked but, it doesn’t seem possible now.

“……Delicious. Today’s miso soup is delicious”

“Eh, really!?”

“Today’s miso soup is made by Aika”


For a moment he looked at my direction, then continued drinking the miso soup.

I am happy, for someone to say that that the miso soup that I made was delicious. Although the tofu is cut by mom, the dashi and melting of the miso was done by me, I did not think that being praised by someone else for what I made would make me this happy.

Next time I will cut the tofu by myself. When I hold the kitchen knife, my mom will feel uneasy, so I can only practice more for that.

I would like to make Yuuya-kun’s bento one day. It is also a dream of mine.


That day after school, I went with the classmates to the library to start on our study meeting as promised.

“Let’s say our weak and strong subjects”

Those who participated in the study meeting, including me and Tanaka-kun, totaled up six persons. Yamamoto-san whom sat in front also joined.

“What subjects are you good at, Tanaka-kun?”

“For me, I like history I guess. I am bad at english”

“English is impossible to understand isn’t it? It’s also my weak subject”

FumuFumu. It seems that there are many people with english as their weak subject. It is also not my strong subject either. I can speak but, I am bad with writing.

“Hey, what kind of subject does Shinozuka-san like?”


“For something that hurts your head, you did well coming to like it”

“It’s fun, exactly like a puzzle”

Once you learnt formula for mathematics, it is interesting to smoothly solve it. I also like figures.

“It is okay if you show me your notes?”

“Here you go. Which subject do you need the note for?”

When I passed the note over,

“What is this! Isn’t this very easy to read and understand”

“Eh, show it to me too. Uwa, isn’t the words extremely beautiful? It is incredibly easy to read at and written in such detail”

After one by one looking at my notes, everyone was shocked. Was it really that easy to read? After looking at other people’s notes, the contents from the blackboard were compactly written. Uu…… It is hard to read.


“The part where sensei talked about was written too. She had even wrote her own doubts, and on the next page, research and reviewed things were put together and it was easy to understand”

“The date, time and even weather is written in it”

“Amaziiing. NeeNee, is it alright if I took Shinozuka-san’s notes to copy?”

“Ah, unfair. Let me copy too”

It is fine, when I said that, everyone flooded to the copy machine with the note on hand. It seems that I managed to be of use, I am relieved, relieved.

“Shinozuka-san is smart. Although I know how you are always having fun listening to lessons”

Tanaka-kun, seems to have found out that I was taking lessons with shining eyes. Because, it is fun.

“Do you have any tips on taking notes?”

“Let me see. For my case, I draw lines on both ends of the page, then I write down my own feelings or what Sensei has talked about. Not only for the things written on the blackboard, it would also be very much easier for me to talk to Sensei”

If you only copy what was written, there are times where it is hard to understand even after rereading. So, the lesson content at that time and the things I thought of, was written so that the lesson is easier to remember.

“Since history lessons are especially story-like, classes are finished in no time”

After that, together with Tanaka-kun et al, we brainstormed on test questions, it was a fun way to pass the time. I was taught some methods to study at home, so I am going to try it when I reach home.

The study session ended, and it seems that Tanaka-kun had a prior arrangement with his friends so he left from the library, everyone else went back.

It is getting dark so I should hurry on home. When I headed to the station, students from other schools were clumped up together at the station home. Their school uniforms are similar to Yuuya-kun.

“Ah, that girl is cute”

“Seriously high level. Hey, which school are you from?”

A tea coloured hair boy spoke up. Followed by 4-5 boys surrounding me, I am a bit scared,  


“Ahh, that school. Tell me your name”

“Eh, that……”

Because I am surrounded, I can’t run. I don’t mind telling them, but if I tell them without Yuuya-kun knowledge, it is said that it would leave a sour taste in the mouth. Just before, when the matter about a stranger talking to me was told, he was extremely angry.


“Um, I’m sorry”

Haa? We just wanted to hear your name?”

“What are you so scared about? Cuteー”

“Wanna go somewhere to commemorate our meeting? Karaoke or?”

“Ooh, that’s great. Let’s go karaoke”

The topknot touched my forelocks, my shoulder was forcefully grabbed and it seems that I was being dragged into a wrong train.

I want to go karaoke. But not with these people. Because, they are scary.


“That is troubling. I need to return home or else”

“Aren’t you shaking somehow? You’re cute, seriously”

“You don’t need to be scared because we’re super nice guys” (SK: Wow, scumbag)

They might be good guys but, scary is scary. Even if I wanted to escape, my shoulder was grasped, and just when I wanted to call for help,

“Yes Yees. You can’t forcefully pick up a reluctant girl”

The one whom entered forcefully from behind the boys, and the one who saved me, was Sakaki-senpai.



“Do you mind not bothering my junior?”

“What, you. It’s not forciiing, its mutual consent?”

I did not say a word about wanting to go.

The people whom were just smiling awhile ago started glaring, and I desperately shaked my head to appeal that it is not true.

“You see, she says it is not the case. I will overlook this for now, so leave”

He pulled off the hand on me, and hid me behind his back to protect me. Honestly, I was surprised because I thought Sakaki-senpai disliked me.

“What did you say bastard. Don’t suddenly commee innn”(ed note: Please learn to speak, stop making my work harder)

“Ehh? I said that I wanted to settle it peacefully though”

Like how Yuuya-kun grabbed Tanaka-kun chest, the boy grabbed Sakaki-senpai’s chest. Although there is no actions of wanting to punch, he stares as if to intimidate, if it becomes a fight, it would become a serious issue. When I looked around to call for a station staff,

“Heeh……  Wanna fight me?”

Sakaki-senpai narrows his eyes, smiling thinly. Somehow, his smile looks very sinister, if anyone else sees this, they would mistake Sakaki-senpai as the villain.

“This guy is Sakaki Keisuke. If you get involved with him, you are in deep shit”

“Seriously? Let’s go”

For some reason, the boys quickly jumped onto the train as if to escape, I was left stunned.

Eh, they realised it was Sakaki-senpai so they ran right? Sakaki-senpai is slender, and he does not seem as strong as Mikoshiba-kun, but maybe he might be super strong? A hidden genius?

“Senpai is amazing”


“Senpai’s smile just now was so similar to a thug’s that even I wanted to run. To repel them with just your smile, it is as if you are the demon king”

“……Is that a praise? Rather than praise, are you talking bad about me”

It seems that the example was bad. If I said a smile like a demon, would it be better?

“Anyways, it is dangerous at this time so you should have gotten someone to send you. It was lucky that I was coincidentally nearby”

“It was really great that senpai was nearby. Thank you for saving me”

If Sakaki-senpai was not there, I was almost about to be brought to that place against my will. Although I want to go to karaoke, I want to go there with Mayu-chan et al.

“Nn, hey, I have something I wanna ask”

“What is it?”
“This time, you are going with Sakurako and Suzune-chan to eat ice cream together right? Won’t you include Kazuki and I?”

I wonder if he asked Mamiya-senpai. I don’t mind but, I won’t know if I don’t asked Mamiya-senpai, and it seems that Sakaki-senpai has asked. The more people we have the more fun it would be, I can’t wait for that day. We have not decided on a date yet either.

“At that time, look, Tanaka-kun from the same class as Aika-chan? Is it? Bring him as well”

“Eh, Tanaka-kun? Why?”

I was surprised by the name of Tanaka-kun suddenly popping out. There is no contact with Mamiya-senpai. I am happy if Tanaka-kun joins in, but won’t it turn awkward?

“Didn’t he helped Aika-chan out a lot during the sports festival? It also serves as a ‘Thank you’. As a senior, I also want to say my thanks”

What a nice suggestion. I haven’t said my thanks for Tanaka-kun, so let me handle it.

“Sounds good! I will ask Tanaka-kun tomorrow”

“Ok. I will tell Sakurako myself”

Sakaki-senpai also laughed as if he is having fun, it might be my misunderstanding that I was hated, It would be nice if I got along better with Sakaki-senpai with this opportunity.

“……Really, I look forward to it”


(SK) -Evil sinister smile-

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