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Chapter 27

The next morning, Tanaka-kun can be seen at the entrance of the school, he nodded and seemed very happy when I asked him if he wanted to eat ice cream together.


“Ichinose-senpai, Sakaki-senpai, Mamiya-senpai, and one junior girl……such wonderful members.”

“I think that it will be more fun if Tanaka-kun is with us as well.”

“Haha, I look forward to it. Please tell me the decided date when we will go.”


Me and Tanaka-kun parted at the entrance of the staff room where he seemed to have some business to take care of,  and I immediately head straight to the classroom. Then, a high pitched scream came from the front, it was Sakaki-senpai with an idiotic smiling being surrounded by a group of girls.

Uwah, too dazzling. Recently I have not thought of it much since I got used to it, Sakaki-senpai is an Ikemen (EN: a handsome guy) huh.


“Good morning Aika-chan. Do you have a second?”


In order to avoid the public’s gaze, I was taken to the 3rd floor corner corridor.


“I asked Sakurako and got an ok. The date is next sunday. It is a reward for doing your best in the test.”

“I’m feeling motivated all of a sudden!”


Talking about Tanaka-kun’s invitation, my face transformed into a brilliantly shining face that looked like the smiling face of a demon king.


“Tanaka-kun is a good guy huh.”

“Yes! He is a very kind and gentle person.”


I am happy and delighted that Tanaka-kun got praised, Sakaki-senpai brought his face closer,


“You two should go out.”


“You cannot pay back love no matter how much you think about it, I think it would be more fun if Aika-chan is with people who loves her, surely”


“So what do you want to do then”


What does it mean? While I was thinking about it, a familiar low toned voice can be heard from behind.




Dosun dosun~ footsteps can be heard as he came close, he looked down with wrinkled eyebrows. Wa, that is too much force Mikoshiba-kun.


“That-, how did you discover this place? It’s not a coincidence right?”

“You stand out. The girls said that you were taking Shinozuka here.”

“So why are you guys here? I have time in my hands.”


Between the smiling face of Sakaki-senpai and the angry face of Mikoshiba-kun, It is really uncomfortable.


“What were you talking about?”

“It has nothing to do with Kento.”


“Wa, waiii”


My shoulders were caught in a threatening manner. My shoulders hurts because of the power that was applied…..scary scary, I’m scared! I am more scared than my encounter with the people yesterday!


“Everyone goes to eat ice cream this sunday!”


“Mamiya-senpai and Nishijima-san. In addition Ichinose-senpai, Sakaki-senpai and Tanaka-kun together with everyone.”


If you say so, Mikoshiba-kun stares while Sakaki-senpai is grabbing my shoulder. I do not feel afraid, Sakaki-senpai shrugged his shoulder and laughs.


“It was a talk about a trip. Let’s all eat ice cream after the test.”

“What are you planning?”



No matter how Mikoshiba-kun stare and intimidate, Sakaki-senpai remained smiling without changing his expression. Both are scary!

The silent standoff continued for a while, Mikoshiba-kun let out a deep sigh.


“I see. I’ll go too.”

“Waa!? Why does Kento want to come? It is not of your concern.”

“Is it just going out ordinarily? Or, should I say that I am going to get troubled if I come?”


Sakaki-senpai who so far have not changed his expression is now showing a warped expression, Mikoshiba-kun this time grins and laughs, these 2 people.

By the way, I want you to take your hands off my shoulders. My shoulder are not stiff so that just hurts.


“Surprisingly supportive. What? You like it?”

“You overdid it this time. You will regret it later”

“Are you worried about me? You really are kind Kento. But well, that was none of your business.”


He squinted and placed his hands on his pocket, the air around Sakaki-senpai changed. Somehow tension is floating in the air.


“…..Shinozuka, fall back”


I sense the air around Sakaki-senpai change, I hide behind Mikosiba-kun’s back. Sakaki-senpai sorta resembles the one from yesterday.


“Uhm, fighting is……”

“You are on Kento’s side now, whose side are you really?”


“I am not taking either sides. However, if that guy cries if he gets hurt……I just do not want to see that anymore.”


I feel like I should remember something, it’s vexing, despite that he showed a seemingly sad expression.


“I think you are regretting it already Kento. I do not regret it. If that fellow smiles I…..”


Why is that I wonder. In comparison with Mikoshiba-kun,  Sakaki-senpai seems to be sad and in pain…..my chest is in pain.

However I immediately returned to my usual smiling face.


“Just kidding. What a serious face you have Kento. It’s alright if you come. The more people the merrier after all.”


While laughing maniacally, he puts his hands in his pocket.Just now the sad expression and thick atmosphere from a while ago vanished, like smiling with a mask.


I know that smile. That smile is, it is the same as me during that time…..


『Sorry xx (TLN: Makes an x mark?). You were not born with a healthy body.』

『It’s not like I am suffering. I am happy. It was nice to be born as mother’s child.』


It was true that I was born. But the side effects of the medicine and rehabilitation were hard. Still I was smiling, I did not want to show my mom that I was crying.

Do not cry. Because I did my best. To have a healthy body, I did my best at the surgery. That is why, that is whyーーー








I noticed that I was holding Sakaki-senpai’s hands.


“It’s ok.”


“You can cry.”


I do not want to cry. But do not force me to smile. I would cry if I want to cry. However I would laugh a lot afterwards.

At that time, I do not want to reach the point wherein I would be found out that I was secretly crying, that is why I want to know. Why does Sakaki-senpai seem to be in pain?


“……I do not understand.”


I shook off my hand which was being grasped, and then my head.


“Not interested huh. Suit yourself.”


What I said passed over Mikoshiba-kun, vanishing in the distance.

I think it made him feel disgusted.It would be fine to cry too, being told that all of a sudden. But I could not help but say that.


“Did you get angry perhaps.”

“No……are you confused perhaps”



Mikoshiba-kun stares into the direction which Sakaki-senpai left, he looks to be in deep sadness. I feel like I cannot just easily go in, I could not ask about Sakaki-senpai.


“Even so, a while ago 2 people fought over me, my heart was beating fast.”

“Aah, I would not get away if I fight with Sakaki ”

“As expected Sakaki-senpai is still that strong!?”


Mikoshiba-kun of the judo club cannot win easily, Sakaki-senpai is strong. That is why, maybe that’s why that guy escaped yesterday.


“He is strong. I was an elementary student when I first met Ichinose with Sakaki in the karate room, Sakaki’s fighting sense was exceptional.”

“Was Mikoshiba-kun a childhood friend too!?”

“Setting aside school. I didn’t  spend much time learning karate so we didn’t get to be nothing more than acquaintes, and in the beginning he took me for a senpai so he only used respectful language towards me.”


While recalling those days, Mikoshiba-kun laughs wryly.

I see, that is why Mikoshiba-kun and Ichinose-senpai are not calling each other with honorifics. The same person from the student council who I met in the past, it is a strange coincidence. It is a little enviable.


“……..Sakaki, he might look like a clumsy guy but he is really skillful. However he has the tendency to deal with that himself, but of course it’s impossible. Tell me immediately if that person does something to Shinozuka.”


He stared at me with serious eyes, my heart is beating fast.


“I will protect you.”


I held my breath, clenched my skirt, and tried squeeze out and say thank you, as he gently stroked my head.


“The bell will ring soon. Let’s hurry to the classroom.”


He smiled gently after stroking my hair, I turn my steps towards the classroom. I have no choice but to follow Mikoshiba as I kept silent.

Afterall, I cannot say anything if you smile like that!

The destructive power of a good natured person firmly staring into your eyes is no good.


“It’s ok if you cry, huh. I was told by Sakurako that a man does not cry.”


Author Notes:

Sorry for being short this time. Sakaki in various ways has some places to think about, I can paint Mikoshiba as very reliable.

Next time is the test.

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