Slime Tensei Monogatari Chapter 18 10

Chapter 18

Translated by: GoldenOwl

Edited by: Nohma

The reason why Mira could talk with me was very simple. That is because I was overlooked and looked quite a bit pathetic.


“If only I didn’t have this skill.”


Just because Mira had the skill Language of the Slime Race, it was a such simple reason. It is assumed that there is a possibility in obtaining skills when killing an enemy, it is regretful that their views and ideas are still narrow. 


However, the response that the butcher who heard that from me was different.


“Hoo, this is unusual. A person who has acquired the Slime Language skill.”

“Is that so unusual?”


The butcher exaggeratedly gave a bit nod.


“Naturally, it is one of the skills that cannot be acquired by the human race.”


If that is the case then how did mira acquired such a skill.


“Is there some sort of compensation from this point on?”

“Cheapskate merchant. I get it, there is still a portion of the goblin meat left. Is that enough?”

“Well, about half of the remaining meat is good. I will accept it.”


The butcher bowed joyfully and laughs with the sound of bones chattering. (TLN: better version)


“First, skills that can be acquired by any race exists. For example the skeleton skill for strengthening the sinew, the skeletal reinforcement skill, would have a bad chemistry if you are a slime since the organ or attribute for that skill does not exist, and thus it cannot be acquired.”


“However”, the skeleton continued.


“There are some exceptions to this. The first case is when you acquire the skills that will allow you to acquire the skills that you originally cannot acquire.You have one of those skills to put it simply, it’s simple liquefaction isn’t it. Normally only slimes and other monsters can acquire simple liquefaction, if you have learned liquefaction then even humans can have a body like a slime, you will be able to acquire skills such as the manipulation of liquids.”


I see, I acquired simple liquefaction and thought that did not make sense but if it is with a slime and other races then it does make sense.


“The 2nd was a correction by occupation. For example I have a job called demon monster tamer, the job is all about catching monsters, naming them and training them, those who have that profession or who are born with high aptitudes are rarely born to have skills that can only be obtained by their profession, you can acquire these skills that you cannot originally due to the correction effect. In your case Mira-san, since your race is an elf and originally they are able to communicate and relate to animals and spirits then it would be influenced by it.”


Mira may be a fit for that job. Well, I do not quite know the characteristics of the elven race, if the butcher says so that it is so.


“The last remaining one is the influence of the previous life.”

“Tsu!? ”


I raised my voice because of what he said but the butcher was not aware of it.


“In the case where some parts of the soul’s form remains after the reincarnation form is fulfilled, ability or personality of the previous life, or it is said that it may take over part of it.For example the man called the Dragon Emperor Juggernaut is told to be a dragon reincarnated into a human’s body, it is said that can vomit fire and brimfire even without having the skill and ending up destroying 10,000 enemies in a single night. Well, the legend is closer to the truth than people think, although it being closer to a fact, it is rare that something like that happens.”


“…..then I who have a human spirit, is it possible to be reincarnated as a human who can understand the human language even without having the skills to do so?”


If you think about it carefully, it was strange that I understood the words of the lost child I met back then.


It’s a different world, because there probably is no reason for everyone to speak japanese if they do not have the skill for it and for me to not understand what they are saying. However, it can be explained by saying that we could understand because it was influenced by the previous life.


“Although the details that were contained in what that human said cannot be understood, the possibility is certainly there. However, I am only able to verify the truth only this much especially not with a godlike being of which I do not understand. Isn’t it impossible to achieve the same skills as us skeletons right? Just that, if you were reincarnated into that body then the value of your existence is immeasurable. Hence the reason why this skeleton is accompanying you.”


It would seem that, basing it from the words of the butcher, he is not even sure if I am reincarnated from a human. Even though normally it is impossible for the existence value of reincarnated humans to be measured, I cannot imagine what will happen on the day that they discovered that I came from a different world.


I have decided that from now on I will not tell anyone about this needlessly. It would be dangerous if it is known.


“A, uhm!”



Me and the butcher turned around at the same time towards the owner of the voice. Naturally Mira who hardly speaks at this place is sitting down with a troubled face.


Come to think of it the story was left completely untouched after the talks about the skill. It unintentionally centered around the story of the Butcher.


“Is the story just now true? I, that is, you are saying that I have aptitude to be a monster tamer?”


Tha, that is what’s been bothering me. Maa, since it is about myself I guess it is fine.


“I think there is a high possibility even though there is proof for it. There is a one in a million chance that you were a slime reincarnated into a human but such things are an impossibility, but basing it on the other skills that I see such a thing is not likely.”

“Eh! Why!?  What do you understand about my skills!?”

“Because it is one of the special skills of skeletons. Rest assured it will not be exploited.”

“….so (ALT: is that so), if that is the case then it is all good.”


I agree with Mira that he said it carelessly. Maybe they have no choice but to do so.


For the time being, Mira taught me that I have the skill called language for the Slime Race. But because the skills details were found out then the combat ability can be grasped, being precautious is correct.


But it seems like that the butcher is superior. The butcher cannot sell meat suitable for the client  as a business unless he can see through their skills. Besides unless you can see theirs skills, it would be impossible to pass meat that would be necessary to evolve without hesitation when we met.


Anyways it is without a doubt that my skills has been overheard.


“N? You mean that, Mira from the beginning supposedly can understand what I was saying. Why did you not say so?”

“I cannot tell other customers’ information so easily. ”

“Ah, certainly.”


Even though the content of this world is a bit different, but it seems like the sense of privacy is the same.


Maa, it doesn’t seem it’ll be impossible to learn from the butcher just because it’s difficult to get him to say anything.Either way it goes without saying that you will have to provide something of appropriate value for it


Now the talks is more about Mira. Yet, they are not talking about the only thing I want to hear which is about the skills.


“……who are you really?”


Mira is grasping her forehead and you can hear her letting out a sigh. I seemed to have annoyed you and I am sorry.


“Why do you say that?”

“A skeleton is nothing but a skeleton after all.”

“I am a slime, otherwise known as mysterious living jelly like existence that once it dies becomes a pool of colored water.”

“No, that is not what I said in a sense .”


Of course I understand, I just played dumb.

However, even if you say I am still in the current situation of not knowing who I am, in addition the fact is that there is no other way to express it.


“I think of you guys as something more of a rare monster. I promised not to cause you harm but, you cannot just trust from words alone nor will you approach carelessly. I would be happy if you can make that judgement after talking if it is possible.”



I do not know if Mira understood it or not, with such an idiotic response. It would naturally happen when it is said to a slime which is firstly the weakest monster.



It is easy to explain what I have been experiencing up until now. Of course I would not say anything and stay silent about me being reincarnated from a different world.

After speaking briefly, Mira was visibly silent seemingly to be lost in thought. There will be no judgement yet. 


It would be if this was thought out seriously without dismissing it as a silly ramblings of a monster, I cannot wait for them forever, I decided to offer another topic.


“This is not because of the talk earlier but can we talk about Mira? Why was she in that place?”

“A discussion about me?”

“Ah, as mutual companions there are a lot of stuff that you do not know or understand about each other ”


Personally I am interested in why Mira was at that place, you can obtain information in this world just by talking and I do not have anything to lose. There is no excuse for the butcher’s way of thinking but that is that, this is this.


“………….understood. I am”


I started listening to Mira who started to speak slowly.

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