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Optical Camouflage

Author’s Note:

This story was inspired by Yellow Cake-san and L+F-san’s comment, I am experimenting in trying to write an ecchi story.

—-POV Arakawa Kouki—-


I have something that I’ve been thinking about these days. In this world in which I got reincarnated in, military technology has developed in leaps and bounds. There is even a power suit and a space military, isn’t that not possible to make?

Might as well since today Alice and Aikawa will not come to the research building because lectures are going to be held outside the school.

I addressed Shingo who was feeding tomatoes to Kon while teaching tricks to him with a serious expression on my face.


“Shingo, I have something I want to consult with.”


I talked to him with a different state than usual, Shingo in return corrects his posture and urges me to continue.


“Shingo, I am thinking of making an『Optical Camouflage』”


When I said that, Shingo asked for the reason. He says…..it would be a concern if I try to create such a thing, he also told me that it is too dangerous and that I would need to report the reason to the Director General. I can probably make something up to cover the real reason at this point…. but is it something that I really won’t regret later on?

Even if I trick and hide the real reason on why I wanna make an Optical Camouflage, I may regret it one day when my bestfriend finds out.


“I, I want to look at Alice in the shower.”


The moment he heard my words, Shingo, who was surprised at what I said, had a strained expression on his face and it looked like he wanted to say something but tried to hold it back with his hand. I continued my talk because of this, I have to ask Shingo to listen to it anyway.


“For now….I know that there is a shower room in my research building. This is also the research building that Aikawa-san is using.”


When I looked at Shingo while telling him the story, it appeared as if he was willing to listen. I continue talking while drinking black tea to keep me calm.


“If Aikawa-san uses a shower, can Shingo wait quietly? You would start thinking “I want to peep”.  But I am scared to peek since I might get caught, I can make use of the optical camouflage there.

I would not mind if you turn me down for ethical reasons after listening to my story up to this point, I would not blame Shingo. I just want to keep the current story a secret if possible, I alone will work on this project.”


After talking all this time, the cup of the tea that Shingo was drinking was returned to the desk. His face looked like a man amongst men….no he has an appearance of a “comrade”.


“Fuhi! I have decided to cooperate and for us to do it.”


I received Shingo’s strong words, we opened the curtains of the “Optical Camouflage development plan”.


—-POV Arakawa Miki—-


“It’s an emergency report”


I have compiled research reports in my room, Suichi-san, a guard who is incharge of investigating Kouki’s terminal, sent in a transmission. Did he do something again? When I began to think about it, the intelligence officer began to explain.


“The other day, the amount of usage on Kouki’s personal terminal had increased tremendously. We investigated the cause of it, we found something inside of a protected folder, I will forward it to you.”


The file that was sent to my terminal was named “Concealment Plan”. I have a bad feeling about this but I will check.


“Optical Camouflage Development Plan: Aims to develop an optical camouflage that can be used individually. The minimum ability achievable is, Silent・Waterproof・ can operate more than 30 mins. Additional objective: To be able to be mounted on a power suit for outdoor use.”


Is my son trying to start a war with some other country? The same child that made the 8th generation powersuits, if you calmly think about it with the help of an AI mounted work robot it could be perceived as preparation for a fierce war. Anyways with major powers such as the United States, they would allow a small country to fall for that child. I gave instructions to 2 people to prepare for the worst.


“I judge that this matter would require me consulting with the higher ups and my husband. Until then please only monitor, your life will be in danger if you unskillfully provoke Kouki.”


After saying so I disconnected, I immediately called Suichi’s personal terminal and tried to contact him.


“What did that guy do…”


I immediately sent the file to Shuichi to consult him but he ended up getting confused. After all, she was able to immediately decide to continue strictly monitoring him so that he does not put anything dangerous into practice.


A few days later, an urgent communication came from the special team that was monitoring Kouki.


“The trial of the prototype optical camouflage by Kouki and his friend was conducted, it succeeded. It responded to the infrared but it completely disappeared from sight, it completely became transparent for 20 mins.”


“Understood. Any other to report?”


Apparently from what I heard, he seems to have also tried several prototypes of the optical camouflage and equipped them on the to the recon type insect robot which made it disappear for a few minutes. I am in trouble, I can now clearly see that this is for preparation for war and I cannot cover it up. Which country are you planning to go to war against? I have been in this pitiful state ever since I entered this line of work, this is a kind of report that would seem to grip my heart.


“This is urgent! Kouki has decided to use the recon type insects in the school.”


Will I make it… I do not know what he intends to use the recon type at school for but that place will turn into a living hell. I start giving instructions while regretting for failing to understand my child’s heart.


“Please relay the appearance of your son from here on out, there are measures in which you would need a little bit of hand hitting. Also give an order to send out the self-defense forces, please tell the students to evacuate.”


The appearance and voice of Kouki appeared on my terminal. Please do not kill the students from the same school…hopefully Kouki listens to Saito whose voice is strained.


“Wasn’t Roberta-sensei the advisor of the swimming club?”

“Fuhi, that’s right. At this time I think she is in the changing room, if that is the case then the insects will enter through the tiny gap in the ventilation fan.”


I understand that he is steering it from a terminal while saying that. And,



“Infiltration was successful!”

“How is it Kouki? Can you see boobs?”

“Do not panic, I will be crushed if it were found out because at the moment this guy looks like a bug.”


I understand that he is a bit excited. Is it that kind of thing I wonder, isn’t this supposed to be for weapons testing? I am confused since he is saying “Roberta-sensei is huge” excitedly. Seriously this stupid son of mine and his friend were just trying to peep. I dizzily communicated to the surveillance team.


“Enough, please withdraw. Also please inform the self-defense that it is just a simple miscommunication.”


After saying so I disconnected, should I be please that my son is “growing healthy” or seriously worry and scold him for “peeping”


—-Arakawa Kouki POV—-


I have been thinking since yesterday evening, I do not understand why mother said such a thing but I must admit that it was also a fact. Although it was regrettable I remembered to listen and not miss any of my mother’s words  , I talked to Shingo, who was teaching Kon how to skillfully eat a banana, with a serious face.


“Shingo, I need to consult something. It is very important.”


I talked with a different tone than usual, Shingo also corrects his posture and urges me to continue.


“My mother caught me peeping.”

“Eeeh!? How?”


“I do not know!! I myself asked that question. Last night we had dinner as usual then suddenly she said“ou-chan, I understand that you are interested but please do not peek. You will be rejected by Alice-chan you know? There is no mistaking it.” with a smile. She obtained the information somewhere, I am very scared…. I told her everything honestly without little thought.”

“Fuhi, then what about the completed optical camouflage?”

“I equipped it into the power suit, you can later reuse it as a research presentation Shingo.”


It do not have any particular use to me if I keep the research report. I will give it generously to my comrade, let’s ensure his cooperation in case something like this happened again…. Shingo was deeply thinking about it and meekly said,


“What did you do with that “photo” of Roberta-sensei that we took last time?”


I answered, “I decided to strictly protect it and store it on the terminal!!”


And there I was met with the smiling face of a comrade.

This is the setting behind the story about the optical camouflage.



What we are using at the United Nations is a camouflage screen projection type. Isn’t it that when you are in a movie theater you can see an image projected onto a while cloth? This type of camouflage uses the same principle. It is a technique that the U.S. military is researching in the real world.


Arakawa style camouflage is a surface processing type of camouflage, it sends the background images to the surface of the suit. It feels the same as the Metal Gear Solid series or any other kind of common stealth camouflage.

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